House of Honor Tattoo Studio

3922 West River Drive NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321

Numerous designs and all ages welcome at House of Honor Tattoo Studio

People might be under the assumption that it’s only young people getting tattoos.

But that’s not the case, according to Ben Hernandez, who co-owns the House of Honor Tattoo Studio with James Mason and Ainsley VanDeusen. The House of Tattoo moved to 3922 West River Dr. NE in Comstock Park about eight months ago.

On one day in October a couple ages 78 and 76 got tattoos along with a 21-year old.

The co-owners started their career as tattooists in Allendale but have migrated to Comstock Park.

They like their West River Drive location especially because of its close location to Dwight Lydell Park.

“We have a lot of family and friends in Comstock Park,” Hernandez said.

Five tattoo artists, including the three co-owners and Holly Kerkstra and Jeremy Leopold, do a lot of fine line work in color and black and gray and custom tattoos. Examples of tattoos include realistic animals including lions and tigers and colorful floral designs.  They do all sizes and types of tattoos including full body pieces.

Most people looking for a tattoo know what they want for a design or have a general idea. “We try to steer them in the right direction,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said House of Honor Tattoo Studio offers pricing in the mid to low range although they will progress to higher pricing.

“We do better work than what other shops offer with better competitive pricing,” Hernandez said.

The House of Tattoo Studio has no set hours with all appointments made through their Facebook page -- Three tattoo artists monitor the Facebook site that is linked with their Instagram page –

The owners of House of Tattoo Studio have long term plans to remain in Comstock Park and recently signed a five-year lease and made upgrades to the shop’s interior.

Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority
P.O. Box 333
Comstock Park, Michigan  49321