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For Tarita Dooley business is all about “making people feel good about their body.”  Dooley, a licensed nurse and esthetician, recently opened Crystal’s Aesthetics and Body Contouring at 4005 West River Drive Suite B4 in downtown Comstock Park.  The waiting/lounge room in the studio is instantly relaxing with walls painted a color that is a combination of almond, peach and pink with a mauve area rug on the wood floor.  A friend of Dooley’s painted silhouettes on the walls that celebrate body curves.

“People want to look nice, feel aesthetically pleasing,” said Dooley.  “I want them to embrace their curves.  It’s not about an hourglass figure, it’s about reducing inches.”

Dooley offers day spa services including facials, waxing, body exfoliation, and foot detox.  Body contouring services include ultrasonic waves specially designed to burst fat cells and liquify them, infrared radio frequency to tighten skin and shrink fat cells which results in inches lost.  Dooley encourages wood therapy using wood rollers of different textures to massage areas of fat.  She said the idea with the different processes is to melt or break up the fat cells and encourage them to leave the body. 

All services and techniques are nonsurgical and noninvasive.  Dooley offers Wine and Wellness Wednesdays at her studio so people can learn about the process.  She has professionals talk about things like liposuction, which is a surgical procedure.  She said she has people who have had liposuction, or other surgical procedures, come to her for aftercare.  She stresses the importance of hydration to flush the lymphatic system and remove toxins from the body, not only in an esthetics or body contouring process, but also in daily life.

Dooley is licensed through the State of Michigan in nursing and works full time at a long-term care facility.  She is certified in esthetics and body sculpting by the Texas Laser Institute in Austin where she attended a two-week training in March of this year. 

“It was very intense, I learned a lot,” said Dooley.  “It makes you decide if this is something you really want to do.”

Dooley said she would like to see more “parameters” and regulations in the field.  For instance, she said it’s important that practitioners understand anatomy and physiology.  Her background in nursing has giving her that knowledge.  She said nonsurgical methods have a much shorter recovery time than surgical methods but require more treatments.  There are fewer risks to nonsurgical methods, but results are more immediately apparent in surgical treatments.

Dooley does a free confidential consultation with prospective clients, where they fill out a waiver, and she asks about their health and any issues or underlying conditions, which is important for her to know. 

Dooley, who is originally from Chicago, lives in Greenville with her husband Jesse.  She has five grown children.



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