The Savickas Group

Running a business can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on where the hard earned money is going. That’s where Tony Savickas can help. Savickas, president and owner of The Savickas Group, 3926 West River Drive in downtown Comstock Park, is a business consultant helping companies “harvest revenues.”  Money “leakage” can occur in cellular usage, maintenance, freight and shipping, insurance, office supplies, and numerous other areas. For instance, seemingly inconsequential things like copier expenses can add up without anyone in a company noticing. 

"We start all our Revenue Harvest clients with an estimation report to allow everyone a glance at what can be saved," said Savickas. "We look at a month’s worth of invoices, make sure the invoices match the contract, make sure there are no additional fees,” Savickas said he can then help a business owner negotiate a contract with a company, all of which can save anywhere from ten to fifty percent in a particular area. He shoots to save "a half percent of total expense budget minimum.”

Savickas also works with non-profit organizations, churches, and municipalities that often don’t have a lot of expertise in business activities, as well as helping new business owners with everything they need to start their business. The Savickas Group is currently planning its first "Start-up Accelerator Conference" to be held by the end of the year at the Comfort Suites in Comstock Park. 

Savickas speaks from experience. He worked for Team Financial Group in Walker, where he was a vice president handling internal sales, marketing, and underwriting, for ten years when he “got the entrepreneurial itch.” He started his own business out of his home in September 2012. Savickas and his wife have four young children, so in order to get work done, he also spent a lot of time working in coffee shops. Since he was discussing business and finances with his clients, privacy became an issue, and he decided he needed to find an office outside his home. Savickas moved to downtown Comstock Park in early 2014 and shares the offices with Michigan Energy Service Company (MYESCO). He said the two businesses complement each other, and they work on projects together.

Savickas likes the new location for several reasons, including an affordable lease, easy access to the expressway, and interaction with nearby business owners. Savickas is a member of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce CEO Round Table, and hosted a meeting of that group at his building, having Mill Creek Tavern just a few doors away cater the event. Having the White Pine Trail right behind his office is a huge plus, he said. In fact he and the other people in the building leave bikes and running shoes at work so they can exercise on the Trail. 

Savickas is from Rockford and graduated from Rockford High School. He attended Grand Valley State University graduating with a degree in finance, marketing, and business administration. He and his wife, who were high school sweethearts, and their four children ages six years to eleven months live in Rockford. Savickas’ favorite spare time activity is spending time with his family. He is also an avid fan of the outdoors and enjoys running, golfing, biking, hunting, and fishing.

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